Evimero Psychotherapy

Hello and welcome, my name is Denise. When deciding upon the name for my practice, I knew I wanted to incorporate the word thrive. This is because my philosophy views human beings as possessing the ability to thrive in the best and worst of conditions. Evimero is the Greek word meaning to thrive or prosper which is what I wish for my clients.

I am offering face to face, telephone and online counselling sessions. I have availability for face to face meetings in Leyland and Preston city centre and accept remote clients from anywhere in the UK in addition to expatriates Worldwide (subject to UK laws).


What are counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy are much the same thing. It incorporates the application of counselling skills and theories when working with another person to help them overcome psychological difficulties. The main difference is suggested that counsellors work at an immediate level, focusing on what is occurring in the here-and-now, whereas psychotherapists may focus on deeper level processes. An example would be on how past relationships present in an individual’s personality and current relationships. My way of working as a psychotherapist is to facilitate a person in their journey to discover their unhelpful habits and responses. This may require staying in the present, delve into the working of the conscious and subconscous mind and/or linking to the future.


There are hundreds of theories and techniques which can be utilised, yet I believe at the core of effective psychotherapy is the use of the therapists’ self to create an honest, non-judgemental and facilitative relationship. The therapeutic relationship is suggested to be the key factor in creating positive change by many academics (old and new) in the counselling field.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul."

Carl Jung

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